Free Good Software

Software for your computer is expensive. We know you might get a copy from a friend, or download it from the internet, but that is both not legal and can expose your computer to viruses.  It turns out that some other people have come across the same problem as you, but instead of charging for their software, have released it under an open source license, which means you can download and use it for free.

Office Software:

  1. Open Office
  2. Abiword
  3. Notepad++
Graphics Software
  1. Inkscape
  2. Scribus
  3. Dia 
Utility Software
  1. 7Zip
  2. PDFCreator
  3. InfraRecord
More software and some hardware info (Linux orientated)

Free OSes

A number of manufacturers and groups provide OSes for free individual use, or in some cases, unrestricted use! Like anything that's free, don't expect printed manuals, CD-ROMs, or free technical support. Other than that, there are few, if any strings attached. Also note that with the size of most OSes, downloads of 1 to 10 GB of data may not be that exciting, so paying for the DVD/CD-ROM or even a low-cost base package may be well worth it to you.

The OS Files Link Download Comments
FreeDOS download-page An independently developed DOS, with source code
RxDOS download-page An independently developed DOS, with source code
Debian Linux download-page Linux download FTP sites
Fedora Linux download-page Red Hat's free Linux
Koppix CD Linux download-page Linux that runs directly from CD
Mandriva Linux download-page Linux download page
PCLinuxOS download-page PCLinuxOS download page
Red Hat Linux download-page Red Hat's download page
Slackware Linux download-page Download from HTTP or FTP
SUSE Linux download-page Download SUSE Linux
Ubuntu Linux download-page Download Ubuntu Linux
Xandros Linux download-page Download Xandros Linux
Darwin download-page Download (requires agreement acceptance, etc.)
Free BSD download-page Free Unix OS
NetBSD download-page Free Unix OS, supported on many CPU platforms
OpenBSD download-page Free Unix OS, supported on many CPU platforms
Solaris download-page Free download, $90 for CD and DVDs w/source
AROS download-page Free, source code available
ReactOS download-page Free Windows compatible OS
SkyOS download-page GUI OS (in beta, was free, but now charging $30)
THEOS download-page Several downloads available
Visopsys download-page Free, source code available