July 1905 

  The workers are now the only necessary class in society, and upon them all tasks are devolving. To the capitalist remains the task of tearing the coupons from his shares, and reaping the reward of his abstinence – from labour.
  The democratic ownership of the means of wealth production must necessarily abolish the economic basis of classes and of class antagonisms, and unite all in a bond of labour with identical interests,

  Under such conditions it must be unnecessary and above all unprofitable for the vast majority to exploit a few.

  Hence society will have but one aim, to lighten the toil and increase the well-being of all by the greatest possible economy of labour and life.

  In the society of harmonised material interests that must result from the abolition of class parasitism, the greatest well-being of the individual will only be possible by promoting the well-being of all.

  Thus will the welfare of all become, for the first time, the immediate interest of each.

  Socialism is, then, the ethics of humanity, the necessary economic foundation of a rational code of morality. The interests of the human race are bound up with the aspirations of the oppressed working-class in its struggle with capitalist domination. As it has very truly been said: “Militant, the workers’ cause is identified with class; triumphant, with humanity.”


Socialist Standard, July 1905



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