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April 2016

Following  a lot of speculation in The  Guardian recently in which most of the commentators, Blairites to the hilt, with few exceptions, were traducing the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, it came as surprise to find a story without the usual, 'unelectable', tags attached to it. It arose out of recent survey which  found, "Leader’s hopes of remoulding the party boosted as Guardian survey shows surge in members, huge support and shift to the left."

This led to a lot of pro and anti-Corbyn comments in the readers' comments section. My own comment as  Wee Matt can be seen below here
More  Wee Matt comments and replies in the Guardian here.

 Some compilations have been done of those, (not by me) and placed in the Socialist Courier Blog here.

Great Idea

Guardian Comments


Revealed: how Jeremy Corbyn has reshaped the Labour party

 It matters little what the professed allegiance of the prime minister of the day is. If the state stopped spending the parasitic capitalist class would start screaming for it to begin again. A huge state expenditure on infrastructure and war machines is along with poverty, (creating and maintainence of it), concomitants of the capitalist economic system.

As a general rule, if you are born poor you will die poor, in relative terms to the wealth you produce collectively. Conversely if you are born rich, you will die rich.

This will continue ad infinitum ,until we consider introducing a global, democratic, production for use, post-capitalist solution in which production of all necessaries produces a superabundance of wealth, as opposed to presently a production of commodities tied to a market with rationed, via wages, access, which is freely accessible by all.

We can render money and any other means of exchange obsolete, along with government 'over the people' replacing it with free access and people's administration 'over things'.

"From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs"

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